Our LEVEL 1 Home Networking System accomidates for a modern home here in Charlotte. 

There is a closet or maybe a panel with some wiring.  The system features Wireless Access Points distributed around your home, central location for your networking components, hard wired locations and an easy reset button. This approach gives you perfect WiFi.   Sometimes we use the cat-5e cabling that is already in your home.   This will allow us to get HARD-WIRED access points to key locations.  Quality WiFi throughout your entire property.  This system uses all Ubiquiti PRO products and starts around $2000 in a home around 5000 sqft.

Our LEVEL 2 kit is for a older home home, where you have a few trouble spots and there is no cabling in the home.  We can install Cat-6 cabling, install a quality router to deliver maximum throughput to meet your streaming and gaming demands with lag-free performance.  From here we add wireless transmitters to extend and enhance the signal.

Professional Home Networking