Get your storage back!!!  Sound Advice specializes in removing the old, dusty, black boxes of yesteryear and installing NEW electronics that work.  We are switching over to Streaming TV services.  We are trying to re-use your in-wall speakers, wiring and whatever we can.  Its time to modernize your cabinet!! We are installing proper length cables, dusting the cabinet, covering the holes, eliminating the junk!! 



 What you are looking at is Before After.  Notice the details…   Pool controller antenna mounted high, away from interference.  Battery Backup on your internet for minor interruptions.  We conceal all of the non serviceable equipment inside the panel and everything is reset from the GREEN BUTTON.   

Sonos Amplifiers that power the house speakers.

Overall your cabinet will have much less equipment and perform much better than it ever has.

New electronics do not produce heat, attract dust and no remote. 

This closet provides perfect WiFi around the entire property.  Audio inside and out.  All TV, phone, WiFi speakers technologies! 

Get your closet back!

Imagine all the dust inside that cabinet. Initially, our conversation started with a WiFi problem. As we paced thru the different phases of Audio Video upgrades throughout the years it became apparent very quickly, to me, that the Home Theater Components can be re-purposed. They just need an Audio Video update!

 Our LEVEL 1 system features wireless access points distributed around your home, central location for your networking components, hard wired locations.  This approach gives you perfect WiFi.   Sometimes we use the cat-5e cabling that is already in your home.   This will allow us to get HARD-WIRED access points to key locations.  Quality WiFi throughout your entire property.  This system uses all Ubiquiti PRO products and starts around $3000 in a home around 5000 sqft.

Before and After!

Design Considerations

-Surge Protector with power switch easily accessable for easy equipment reset

-Spectrum equipment placed in a way that is easily serviceable by them

-Audio Visual equipment can be pulled out of cabinetry for service

-some equipment is permanently installed to the side of the cabinet

-great ventilation


Professional Home Networking