Solid WiFi around your enitre property!

We install new cabling and antennas to key locations . As you roam around your home your device will switch to the nearest antenna.  We offer an outdoor antenna, ceiling mount antenna and desk top antenna.  Most homes require 3 antennas.  This is the best approach to fixing the problem.  One big seemless WiFi!!!

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What We Do

Network Design

We are using Ubiquiti Design Tool.  This gives us access to a selection of the best products AND free design services.  Not just a “Geek” guessing here.

Seemless WiFi

Wireless Acess point on the ceiling like a smoke detector, at the top of the stairs usually does a great job of getting WiFi most everywhere.  After this we install additional antennas around the house in key locations.

Hardwired Network connections

Yes, we wall fish new Cat-5e/Cat/6 cabling to every device.  This is the foundation that a solid network is built. Terminated into a professional wall plate.  Yes, we can sometimes re-purpose Cat5e cabling.

UniFi Protect

Modern HD cameras with no monthly fee.  Keep the cameras in the house and get your privacy back!  No cable company employees can see your cameras!! Keep all the video private on your DVR.  30 day back up no problem. 

MESH Networks

MESH networks do not work well with smart devices.  The idea is great but the result is wasted time and frustration.  Cameras will constantly jumping offline, Smart TV buffering.

Cyber Security

What we can offer you is making you a “Hard Target”  We are going to install an up to date firewall and keep it up to date.  Get the cameras away from a 3rd party and get your privacy back!


We use hard wired internet connections to each device so you GET WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR.


Our system is ready to stream HD video.  Let’s Cut-the-Cord together. 

We Create Fully Connected Systems

Smart Devices like cameras, thermostats, Lighting Control and phones all connect to the UniFi system.  

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