We charge the same price to install your existing electronics AND to install new electronics.  Often times it takes more time to re-use what you have.  The idea here is that electronics are generational so 2018 TVs, etc.. should be paired with equipment from that same year.  Now in 2022 there is no need for an All-In_One remote.  Check this out…

Speakers Subwoofers

In-wall Speakers can usually be repurposed.  In-ceiling speakers that are in the house when you moved in are probably functional and just need some power.  

Older TVs

TVs picture quality advances quickly, older TVs need to be reset AND updated which can take hours, dusty?, maybe are not compatible with todays ‘universal mounts”

WiFi networking

WiFi networking components are most certainly of date!!  We are installing all new wiring and new networking components on every installation.


We are a Sonos dealer and update Sonos equipment all the time.