A true “Jack of All Trades” as an Apple Specialist  we are able to take care of just about any customer. From selling the latest and greatest Home Theater equipment to troubleshooting the latest iOS update, our Apple Specialists can do it all.

We are experts at finding our customers the best solution by getting to know our customers in a way that is unmatched by our competitors. Trust Sound Advice for your Home Theater Installation and Apple needs. Sound advice uses the latest in Apple technology to enhance your audio visual experience. Control all of your electronics from an iPad or iPhone…

We choose the AppleTV as the main source for streaming TV today in 2022.  The All-In-One remote will operate perfectly with our expert setup.

Sonos Speakers

We are installing hardwired speakers that have a small amplifier in a cabinet or closet that your smart device is controlling.  Pandora, locals, etc… all controlled easily from your smart device.  So when you leave the music stays playing, phone noises do not ring through a setup like this.

SunBrite Outdoor TVs

SunBrite TVs are made locally here in Charlotte NC.  These outdoor TVs are brighter than normal TVs and are encesed in a metal box.  The TV looks amazing and compared to el’ cheap-o there is no comparison.  You can hose the TV off.  And it comes with a cover.


The AppleTV comes with an All-In-One remote that works great!  One button press turns ON the TV, AppleTV, Sonos speakers and switches all the inputs for you….   best of all, ITS EASY to REPLACE.  The AppleTV itself has proved to be the best streaming device over the past year.