Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

A well designed lighting system is an important part of every room.  From dimming the lights for your home theater to displaying collectables our lighting design and installation will enhance your space.  We can create mood lighting as well as external security lighting, just name it we have the tools and the know how to get the job done.

Why is lighting so important for a home theater display?  A light sources must be conformed so that they don’t cast any glare on the screen, which would wash out the picture. Lighting  sets the right mood and that makes the room inviting and comfortable. Most importantly, lighting allows your family and friends to move safely around your home.

In addition to home theater lighting, Sound Advice offers homeowners whole house residential lighting control systems.  These systems can be smart phone or voice activated and add the convenience of controlling everything from one location as well as adding safety and security to your home.  We can even install landscape lights to automatically synced with the rest of your home, turning on and off when guests arrive or your family is outside..

Moving up the technology ladder, a homeowner can also choose lighting controls that dim lights or switch lights on and off based on input from sensors to detect motion or infrared radiation from a person. There are also photo sensors that adjust light levels based on the amount of available daylight, and sensors that are suitable for accessibility purposes that operate lighting by voice or sound. Many lighting control systems also include the option of remote control via phone or computer.
Sound Advice can offer virtually unlimited options in programming a customized lighting control schemes. Some of our customers have asked for the ability to turn hallway lights on from their phone so they can safely check on a baby or create a lighted path to the refrigerator for a late night snack. 20130207_141224-minAnother popular request is to automatically lighting the path from the house to the garage door, the lights coming on when the garage door is opened. Our customized lighting control solutions are also used to create mood and ambiance, whereby a dining room dimly lit for a romantic dinner one night can be transformed into a brightly lit space for a family party the next night. We can also enhance the design of a room through the use of plant lights, spotlights for artwork, cove lighting, and wall sconces.

Sound Advice home theater designer will present any option that works for the homeowner and come up with a system that lights as little as the home theater or as much as the entire property.

Lutron Lighting Control

Lutron Electronics designs and manufactures energy-saving lighting controls and lighting control systems for both residential and commercial applications. Founded in 1961, the company offers a wide variety of light dimmers, whole-home and whole-building control systems, automated window treatments and color-matched accessories, including wall plates, receptacles, fan controls and more.  Sound Advice proudly installs Lutron lighting as part of our home automation package and many of our custom lighting installations.  Interested in learning more about lighting systems?  Give us a call!